Beyond the Boundaries
of Traditional Sri Lanka Handloom

We Weave Your Dreams

Ushani Design takes Sri Lanka traditional handloom designs to the highest levels of design and quality and empowers rural women weavers.

We give handloom machines to women weavers in rural villages and teach them 21st century design techniques, Ushani Design uplifts families and communities

We believe in paying women the high wages they deserve for their work all while developing the workforce in rural communities.

W.A.Siriyawathi - Handloom Weaver, Sri Lanka

Our Founder

Ushani S. Hewage

Ushani is a social impact entrepreneur, educator and Founder of Ushani Design in Sri Lanka. She works as a textile designer who also works at Hayleys, one of Sri Lanka's biggest companies.Ushani is also a digital marketing specialist who expertly used social media to build a vibrant community of thousands of followers for her apparel / textile business.Ushani Design began in 2018 as a student project at the University of Moratuwa, one of Sri Lanka's top engineering schools. She developed a unique technology for creating multicolored handloom designs.

Ushani Hewage, Founder of Ushani Design in Sri Lanka

Ushani was selected to be mentored in a unique Asia Pacific technology commercialization program with the World Intellectual Property Organization, Switzerland and Customer Discovery Pros, USA.

Our Products

Handloom Saree

Ushani Design brings you a story of colors without boundaries.We take your favorite colors and incorporate it into our unique design. Our products are for women, men and children.

Beautiful Designs

Look book

High Quality Apparel
for Women, Men & Children


Weaver Testimonial

"I am very proud to be part of Ushani Design's local network. They provide me with raw materials and handloom machinery free of charge.They buy our products and support us financially to help us have better lives.Ushani Design is a very good platform to use our skills while enhancing our family finances."- W.A.Siriyawathi - Sri Lanka Weaver for Ushani Design

Our News

Partnership Announcement

In August 2022, Ushani Design partnered with Customer Discovery Pros, USA to provide consulting services as a Virtual Assistant and Digital Marketing / Social Media Specialist. We use the funds to grow our business and support social impact activities in Sri Lanka.